Twenty-year-old Leah’s been in a state of collapse since her boyfriend’s fatal accident. His aunt swoops in and saves her by providing a rent-free place to stay in. Read Come See About Me by C. K. Kelly Martin by C. K. Kelly Martin by C. K. Kelly Martin for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone . C.K. Kelly Martin, who’s written several marvelous young adult novels, couldn’t find a traditional publisher for her first book for adults, Come See.

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Whether it be a traumatic plot thread or these atypical characters, their presence throughout the novel never jolts the arc of the story and only enriches it. As readers, we feel the regret she experiences, but at the same time, coje want Leah to allow herself the chance to give into her desires, especially with a guy like Liam who is so caring and concerned about her. This does sound like a good contemp.

But there were times I felt that Leah’s reactions were just a little too much. It is also available in print via Amazon. Thousands of books are comee, including current and former best sellers. I felt I did know all about little Albertson and his habits.

I was afraid poor Leah would come home from the British speciality shop she worked in to find the little guy dead. This sounds like an emotionally difficult read, but I’m glad to see you enjoyed it, Keertana. While the characters are adults, I don’t think this story is meant for mature adults.

It’s hard to say much without spoilage, but I found her path and resolution to be very realistic and believable, but also very satisfying–it was worth becoming emotionally invested in her story, as hard as it was at some points. I fretted for the little guy whenever Leah would forget to take his wheel out of his cage that he’d be dead.

Come See About Me by CK Kelly Martin

I also love that the author made it clear that while Leah was moving on, she never lost her memories of Bastian. This book did not affect me the same emotionally on the actual dead guy, Bastian, unfortunately.


All of which is depressingly unheard of in our stories about young people. It could seem lurid or trashy that there’s significant amount of c.kelly time devoted to the pair’s hookups, but it’s not at all. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It does sound amazing, though.

The two went to high school in British Columbia together, though they weren’t even friends–acquaintances is a better description–and connected later, when they both went to matrin in Toronto. I would have love to hate it but I would have hate not to love it.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Initially Leah keeps to herself, with no energy for anyone or anything else, but it’s not long before her nurturing neighbors begin to become fixtures in Leah’s life and a much needed part-time job forces her to interact with other members of the community.

I understand why the story was more told to us than shown, but that’s just something I’m turned off by mratin a reader. I met my husband when I was Leah’s age, and her reflections on the early days of their relationship very relatable on a personal level. Leah starts having an affair she wants to keep purely physical and ephemeral with an almost stranger and struggles with the feeling of betraying her dead boyfriend and his family.

While the synopsis for this novel relies heavily on the romantic components, in reality, the romance is an after-thought.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. I liked how cut and dry Leah could be, but at times I didn’t know why I was receiving so many descriptions of her pet hamster or what happened between Leah and a friend the reader never actually meets on the page. She walks a fine line of being sweet and sensual and being dirty and it works. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. But it’s never obvious to Leah and it’s not necessarily obvious to the reader, either.


Smashwords – Come See About Me – A book by C. K. Kelly Martin – page 1

It made me long for that very specific sort of humor that characterizes that country. But I am excited to hear that this book–which seems to be a hit with nearly everyone– was also one with you! Grief and loss are two of the hardest things to write about. After finishing and enjoying each delicious moment I have to tell the comf this – “this is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read”.

But, having said all that, I wish I could’ve liked it more. Nel caso non si fosse I simply do not have the time to respond and forward on the award, but I c.k.kellu appreciate the nomination regardless. Try not to pass out from the shock, but there are actual, diverse characters in this novel.

The author captured just the right emotions and just the right way coe dealing with it.

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Liam flashes me a comical what do you think? I feel like the way they connected was so realistic, because neither of them started out wanting to let someone in emotionally. Then there is Clme, 25 years old, Irish actor who is also trying to move on from own his past.

I don’t despite having lost my grandfather in Luckily for us, Martin couldn’t keep to herself the story of Leah, a young woman who’s life has wholly stalled c.j.kelly the death of her boyfriend, Bastien, who was killed while crossing the street in Toronto. I’m glad this book transcends some of the more frustrating aspects of the NA genre and is so very successful as a result.

According to Martinno one knew how to market a novel with a 20 year old protagonist. As for my future with C.