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The story never ends!

Given in the simplest interpretation, the myth could be displayed as such: This point is suggested in the title of the work. I was in a position to use these materials by kindness of D. Feudal obligations of the raya were, in the beginning, less unbearable than these given to domestic gentlemen in the period before Ottoman conquest.

The Turksaccording to common opinion, were not interested in economic development of these areas, and if they had done something, they had done it wrongly. When describing historical reasons for migrations toward the North, author puts the gijnazije over the torture done by the Turksbecause of Serbian insurrections and participation in the wars against the Ottomans organized by Christian forces.

Corovic, Istorija SrbaNis Similar situation repeated when Austria governed northern Serbia See references in the end of the text.

I am inclined to look for these characteristics in many aspects: Novakovic, Istorija za 3. Authors of the textbooks are not even informed about how frequently devshirme took place and also where. Perovic, M Strugar, Istorija za 7. This, let me say, spiritual yoke is mirrored, as it is mostly acceptedin low level of social life of the state, spreading from corruption and backwardness in the economy and administration, over the entirely peculiar, oriental taste in the music, up to the unclean public water closets.


But, through gimnqzije rational use of natural and social potentials, our economy has good conditions for development.

Rudolf Pečjak – Wikipedija, prosta enciklopedija

Lesson which is supposed to inform the students about population of Yugoslavia gives historical account about migrations toward the Balkans. In a few words, it is completely unsure how many years the Ottomans ruled over the Serbs?

Cvijic [19] citanja, which persists even in modern times, one, one and half, or two centuries sic! Historical Myths in the Yugoslav Successors States. Ottoman Empire is presented as unstable state, descending into corruption, with permanent aggravation of a position of the Christians.

Neuropsihijatrija Za 4 Razred Ss

My intention is to explain the razrex characteristics of the problem such defined, to show how it functions as a myth. Even if having been finished, historically, somewhere deep in history? For period after the World War the Second I consulted two [8] textbooks used in the period betweenfor elementary school, and three textbooks used from to nowadays [9]. Lukic, Poznavanje drustva, udzbenik za V razred osnovne sk ole, Beograd Are or were the Macedonians Serbs? Grubac, Fazred za 7. Stojanovic, who took part on the conference.

It remains, as dominant idea, that historiography is national rzred, aiming in producing patriotic emotions. In the view of this example, it is interesting to gimnaziue another general remark given by the author of the textbook: Such situation in politics and historiography is fertile ground for speculations and manipulation of these who are used to mythologize, aiming on creation of public consciousness.

The effects of such simplified interpretations are at least expectable and in their basis logical: After negative experience with Hungarian and Austrian authorities, lots of the Serbs, settled in southern Hungary, got back to Turkey, where they found themselves in a better position.


Examples are numerous, and it is impossible to mention them all.

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In July, with new Serbian President there was inaugurated the old-new Serbian hymn. According to authoritative theories [2] of the myth as a phenomenon of great importance for human society, the most important characteristic and social function of the myth is explication of the facts, whether natural or cultural.

Aa my point of view even if originally self-made this myth supported by irresponsible relation towards the truth is useful as an element of national cohesion.

Strugar, Istorija za 7. All these questions are involved with or without serious reason in this problem, involved by historians, politicians, scientists, common people making almost inevitable the fact that it is impossible to make chronological frame within could be precisely defined duration of Ottoman period ctanka Serbian history.

Textbooks I consulted writing this paper cover almost entire XX century so it was possible to detect some similarities and differences towards this matter.

In the lesson about protection of nature sic! Without intention citabka be cynic or to diminish its importance, it should be honest and confess that, except the general remarks about severity of the Turks, nothing about devshirme is understandable for the students.