The Structure of the Flute. Unlike the Western flutes that you see in today’s bands and orchestras, the Carnatic flute is made of bamboo entirely. How to read notations in Carnatic music Labels: Carnatic Music Theory, Lessons There are 72 parent scales in Carnatic are. Online Flute Classes under the guidance of Mr. Sriharsha Ramkumar could be a one stop solution Learn Basics of South Indian Carnatic Flute – Step by Step.

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Be it a laghu,dhruta or anudhruta ll Double vertical parallel lines indicate the end of an avarta of tala – A hyphen is mostly used in varnas just to indicate how the swaras need to be split within the tala. Complex concepts are explained using illustrations that we come across in basis daily life to make it simpler.

I may not be able to answer your call. There are many introductory lessons on youtube. Some websites also use upper case to denote upper octave swara.

Learn Basics of South Indian Carnatic Flute – Step by Step

The ideal way to learn Carnatic music is to have a Guru, who can teach the nuances of gamaka and set the student on right path. Applying 5 jaathis to 7 talas will give totally 35 talas in the following manner. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: At present, I have Level -1 and Level – 2 Courses live on Udemy and prensently working on coming up with more courses.

Nishabda kriya is silent action The lyrics start after three aksharas in nishabdakriya E. If you are like me, having a Guru may not be an option. June 14, June 14, To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Sample Video Tutorial taken from the Course.


Rishabham has a lower frequency than Gandharam. Basic exercises in Carnatic music are done in different speeds to get a grip over tala. It gets complicated as this requires different scale flutes to match the octave! Each chakra will accomodate a unique combination of Daivatam and Nishadam.

Learn Yourself!

You can see this mostly in Ganamrudha basic bodhini. Email required Address never made public. This consists of one nishabdakriya Kriya means action. This is for anyone between the age group 10 – 55 years who have a lot of interest in learning the richest South Indian Carnatic Music Heritage through this divine instrument ‘The Cadnatic Indian Carnatic Bamboo Flute’.

I do not know much about hindustani, but have some knowledge on Carnatic music. Now I have to make a decision.

So laghu has 1 beat followed by 2 finger counts. Chaturashra jaati has 4 counts. One of my friend suggested that Hindustani flute uses 3 finger Sa as shown below: Carnatic music has a well defined structure for students to practice and learn the basic music theory, rhythmic patterns along with structured exercises. I have a decent rhythmic sense; but have difficult time to guess the scale or individual notes of a song.

Multiplying with the earlier division we get 12 unique combinations of S R G M. Two parallel lines are drawn to indicate the end of avarta ll. Carnatic Music TheoryLessons. There is wealth of knowledge on internet about Carnatic music. How to hold your Venu. Here is a nice read on: Official Facebook Page of Sriharsha Ramkumar. As most of indian film music has traditional roots like hindustani or carnatic I thought it might be helpful to go back to fundamentals and learn some music theory and practice music lessons.


They are called suladi talas.

In this post I have tried to explain most commonly used punctuation marks and tala symbols. A Melakartha, also known as Mela or Janaka Raga, is a set of scales from which other ragas may be generated. If you know the answer, please leave a fpute.

Notify me of new comments via email. Tala is the measure of time in music. Let it be noted that the Raga format has to be in ascending order of frequencies.

In this example, two shadjas. Dhrutam is again denoted as X for the beat and a tick mark for flipping of palm. Underlines indicate that the swaras should be sung together and faster within a particular beat Wavy lines: Wednesday, 18 July, Varaveena.

This is for you, if you are a working professional and cannot make time for regular classes but longing to learn carnaitc instrument whenever time permits at your pace. The sign is I Laghu is based on the jaati of tala.

I believe typically a flute can play 2 octaves may be little more. I do not want to learn to play 8 hole Carnatic flute, so I decided to practice Carnatic music lessons on 6 hole flute.

Brovabarama in Bahudari,Bantureethikolu in Hamsanadham are examples of Deshadi. My goal is to be able to play indian film songs on flute. You are commenting using your Twitter account. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Carnatic and Hisdustani flute differences.