Signal and functional descriptions, PCH pin states and system clock domains, ballout definition, package info, electrical characteristics, more. Thermal / Mechanical Specifications and Design Guidelines .. Intel® C Series Chipset and Intel® X79 Express Chipset Datasheet. GMT Intel X79 Express. Chipset – Intel® C Series Chipset/Intel® X Express Chipset: Datasheet. Download PDF This manual is.

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Is C610 series equivalent name for Intel 9 series?

Common to all C variants are the following features:. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from April Articles with permanently dead external links.

EarthDogI think Chupset got it now. I didn’t understand how to read that since it has “AND”.

Intel® C620 Series Chipset Datasheet

Since I have Xeon server it means that I have C chipset, right? You must log in or register to reply here. Retrieved 31 May Views Read Edit View history. The Intel page says that X99 is under Intel 9 series chipsets.

Joined Nov 27, Messages 0. CPUz shows what cpu is under the heatsink as well These support Socket The wiki page says that X99 chipset is under Cseries chipsets. InfoWorld Media Group, Inc. They are separate chipset for separate CPUs and functionality, yes. What are you really asking The naming you see in device manager simply means that most of those devices are parallel in datashee two chipset and could be named any name- c or x99, also the cpu itself contains some of them as the northbridge is in it cyipset well.


So, you think that C is another name for X99? Joined Dec 31, Messages 12, 3. These chipsets use a ‘ dual independent bus ‘ design, in which each socket has its own connection to the chipset.

Archived from the original PDF on Is C series equivalent name for Intel 9 series? Retrieved from ” https: The divergence was implemented by using different sockets; since then, the sockets for Xeon chips have tended to remain constant across several generations of implementation. This means that the and initial codename Tylersburg-EP chipsets are essentially QPI to PCI Express interfaces; the is more intended for graphical workstations and the for servers that do not need vast amounts of PCI Express connectivity.

The C series has two variations, one for servers and workstations which is C and one for non-xeon CPUs which is X99, right? NO, the cpu you have does not mean you have a server chipset, it just is more probable. Thread starter theateist84 Start date Nov 9, Having a xeon cpu means it is supported by either x99 or c, it does not imply you have a server board per se c Around the time that datasjeet Pentium III processor was introduced, Intel’s Xeon line diverged from its line of desktop processors, which at the time was using the Pentium branding.


The mobo has Xeon CPU. EarthDog Nov 9, Forums New posts Search forums. You have a server board which uses the c chipset.

Intel® C Series Chipset and Intel® X99 Chipset PCH Spec Update

I’m trying to understand what PCH I have. X99 is for non xeon cpus.

These support Slot 2. The C chipset is for xeon cpus and server class motherboards. C6 0 0 is X79 – https: