Myst: The Book of Atrus was the first book in the Myst novel series. The novel first started as a rough draft in written by Ryan Miller and then later reworked. The Book of Atrus has ratings and reviews. Lily said: stars, but I’m happy to round up for this obscure little book that’s been mostly forg. The book provides a lot of background information on the D’ni and the persons of the games. The book’s main character is Atrus, following him throughout his.

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It was a wonderful idea at the time that took of running, and I’m intrigued by its impact on U. The Miller brothers wrote if entire first novel, but were unsatisfied with the result; the Millers pointed out that writing a character for a novel is much harder than writing the characters of a game. Take it with you and weigh everything your father teaches you against it. I’ll leave these mysteries to be discovered for yourself. TolkienRobert A.

Myst has already inspired several productions similar in nature—as well as a couple of parodies, the bbook sincerest form of flattery. It was by no means a bad book. It’s almost an ideal childhood until one day his father, Gehn, returns and seeks to take him back to D’ni.

I read this book as a kid and went back to see how it held up. His joy at the beauty and complexity of the Art is genuine and not based on thoughts of selfish gain, and I believe he does truly admire his son.

The Book of Atrus

The closing words of the book are the opening narrative from the video game. So, it was hard to resist a book about what those characters had been up to, but I was still skeptical about oc a book based on a videogame could possibly be any good. Heinleinand Isaac Asimov ; Star Wars offered them a glimpse at an exciting, fully realized fictional world.


Jul 31, Zack Jackson rated it it was amazing.

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For some reason, the detail about the blue flowers caught my attention and I’ve spent some time researching what they may be. The writing, at first, seems a little too detailed in its descriptiveness, but boo was easy enough to get used to and I think it’s somewhat meta: So much so that my thoughts on the matter grew so long that they better fit in a separate post, which you should be able to read shortly.

However, as a fantasy book on its own, there are too many unanswered questions and too many gaps in the story for it to really succeed. The books in the game have a very old styled feel, which they should since they’re all handmade books, but the makers wanted to keep that atmosphere alive with printing these books. The conflict comes from the polar opposite personalities of father and son.

The characters were well-developed, although I imagine it may be more enlightening if you are already familiar with the game. The reason I picked up this book is that it’s based on the Myst videogame, which was one of my best-loved games as a kid.

I had read some reviews that called it “meta” and explained that because the book is about world-making the extended details would be vivid and connect into a masterpiece of a true Reading Experience. And what responsibility does the writer owe to those who inhabit these worlds?

They can write books that create new worlds. Together, they eke a happy existence in the barren wasteland. In case you want to know more about the game and its impact, here’s a link to a recent discussion.

One thing to keep in mind as you read is that the Myst trilogy was written to the fan base of the wildly popular computer games Myst releasedRivenExileRevelationand End of Ages If you’re a Myst fan, Oof say it’s worth it and a very easy read. Each novel centers on the family of Atrusa scientist and explorer who has the ability to write special books which serve as links boik other worlds, known as Ages.


However, he sees a side to his father that he doesn’t like, nor does he remember how to get home to his grandmother. Based on the best-selling CD-ROM game, a fantasy novel fills out the lives of the game’s characters, tracing the strange apprenticeship of Atrus to his father, Gehn, who wields the power to create worlds.

Catherine and Atrus hatch a plan to trap Gehn on Riven.

He also comes to atgus Gehn’s selfish, cold cruelty and his own power-hungry nature; Gehn believes that he creates the Ages he writes, instead of creating links to preexisting universes. The player frees Atrus, leading to the events of the sequel Riven. It’s an interesting story in that regard because it tells about Atrus’ childhood and goes into why the age of Riven is in dire need of our help!

You’ll find yourself with a notebook much like Atrus’, writing notes and learning D’Ni, all the while exploring new and interesting locations. The Book of Atrus is one of those books. What if, Atrus wonders, all these worlds already exist, and we are simply able to link to them when we write?


The Book of Atrus | D’ni | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Miller brothers and Mr. That certainly makes sense with o I read. I really liked the premise of the plot – that you can create real worlds by the stories you write. Together they tease a garden from the reluctant earth, ration their precious water, and scavenge the surrounding area for anything they might sell to traders in exchange for salt Anna is the only person young Atrus has ever known.