Manufacturer and Supplier of Bogie Hearth Furnace, Bogie Hearth Furnaces, Chamber Furnace, Rolling Mill Furnaces, Mumbai, India. The bogie furnace is made up of a main structure base for heating very large parts or pieces in bulk that cannot be treated with other types of furnaces. The bogie hearth furnace is a special type of chamber furnace. The furnace housing, through which access the effective space can be accessed on one side via.

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Contact us for a quote. This range is heated and then ensured to entail gas or liquid fuel fired including high velocity burners and also electrically heated. The chamber of the furnace is insulated with high temperature fiber insulation and mineral wool. We ensure that all the offered products are rigorously tested on well-defined quality parameters in order to avoid any inconsistency in the products.

Bogie hearth furnaces – Emi Italia

These furnaces are tested to ensure that they fulfil the international quality parameters set. Phase 4, Wadhwan, Surendranagar – ,Gujarat. Gas-fired bogie hearth furnaces heatth by their unique efficiency. The high-quality, long-life fiber insulation with storage capacity provides for short heating and cooling times. The electrically heated N Heating Furnace in Ahmedabad. KarodiyaVadodara km from Furhace No. Automatic temperature control by digital controllerElectrical Switch Gear items of reputed makeController.


The automatic control system then takes over control of the temperature curve.

The pre-set, low-oxygen respectively reducing atmosphere in the chamber furnace effectively prevents spontaneous combustion at the workpiece and subsequent damage as a result of over-temperature. When several bogies are used together with a second door or bogie transfer system, one bogie can be loaded outside the furnace while the other bogie is in the furnace. Receive Verified supplier durnace. The use of high-speed burners allows for short heating times. The air circulation is also monitored by the measurement system.

Exhaust port and powerful exhaust fan mounted on the furnace. Rely on professionals contact us. Electric Furnaces in Bengaluru. BO are used for processes with large amounts of organic matters or high vaporization rates. With ethical business practices and bulk manufacturing furncae, we have garnered a widespread client base.

The motor-driven bottom is built up by insulating and fire resistant bricks. The bogie hearth furnace represents a basic system for heating large parts such as structural steel work, heavy mechanical parts, fittings, anchorage flanges and brackets, steel products and much more, or for the production of large quantities of pieces that other types of furnace cannot manage. Bogie Hearth Furnace in Ahmedabad View by: Fiber insulation, classified as non-carcinogenic and meander shaped heating elements for short process times.


Bogie hearth furnace W S. The bogie can be loaded outside the furnace. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Questo sito utilizza cookie per ottimizzare la tua esperienza online.

Newsletter Registration Exclusive information about events, applications and product innovations! CL are used for heat cleaning of components.

Bogie-Hearth Furnaces

Furnace chamber with eight high-speed burners. Their features include smooth and trouble free operations, durability and optimum efficiency levels. Examples are heat cleaning of electric motors, coated surfaces of steel components or the nozzles of plastic injection molding machines.

Bogie running on steel wheels with gear rack drive, no rails necessary. Industrial We are emerged hearyh offering premium quality Bogie Heat Furnace. The concentration of these vapors must bogoe kept below a certain limit to prevent ignition.

Accettando di utilizzare questo sito senza modificare le tue preferenze relative ai cookie, autorizzi l’uso di cookie da parte nostra. Furnace chamber with eight high-speed burners. The burners are arranged according to the furnace geometry providing for a optimum temperature uniformity.