On Josephus in the Biblical Errancy newsletter: McKinsey: “This passage is so obviously spurious that it is astonishing to find a single theologian left in our time . The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy has 34 ratings and 4 reviews. Josh said: Anyone who claims themselves to be Christian needs to read this book, and b. This important new volume is the most comprehensive critique of the Bible ever written. Author C. Dennis McKinsey believes that Americans.

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Item 2 objects that Tacitus nowhere else refers to Christians. Chris Echols rated it liked it Mar 22, I actually found myself referring to my own bible to verify the accuracy of McKinsey’s assertions. Had I the same bag of assumptions as McKinsey, I would have agreed with him after the first or second example.

Unless such abuse actually does happen, and unless he proves that there is a wide-ranging not merely occasional difficulty in discerning attributions of words in ancient documents in general and Scripture in particular, he is merely making a vain appeal.

How did Judas Die?

And the serious student should study these solutions for profit. The reply, again, is telling:. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. As one dies, so dies the other.

The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy

Even without knowing the future, it would have been quite clear to anyone hearing these words at the time that Jesus was indicating, “If you follow Me, be prepared to do so, unto death. Defenders of the Bible are far more closely allied to the Book and Jesus than they will ever be to truth and objectivity. This site is dedicated to doing just that! Biblical critics, on the other hand, are rarely as adept at citing biblical passages to defend their analysis.


They are introduced with much the same words of endorsement as “best questions” that Chapter 2 is. We do assert that Jesus did know the mckunsey, but as for those he spoke to – does McKinsey realize how common crucifixion was in the ancient Roman world? McKinsey recommends that the “dilemma” this verse causes be “brought into the fray as soon as possible” in all debates, and claims that he has “never encountered a biblicist with a good explanation” because “there is none.

As we have shown elsewhereDeut. A Reference Guide has been compiled biblixal to meet this need. Asks how a finite number of sins results in mckinxey condemnation. But a comment by Jesus in response to a specific situation and a covenant law spoken from Mount Sinai cannot be treated on exactly equal terms.

Either that or Paul is rewriting the script and has usurped the leadership of Jesus in Christianity. Biblical scholars purchasing this book are going to be disappointed at the lack of depth. I was won over to Christianity by vennis studies. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Erramcy, when imposing lists such as McKinsey’s are presented to a believer for the first time, such lists can be quite rattling. Both views can be found in first-century Judaism, and Paul does not specify errancy one he holds.

If any of the research in this essay helps anybody to understand the Scriptures better and to study them any more systematically, I shall be content. I am not attempting to prove the veracity of every sentence of Scripture. If competent skeptics have any factual or logical rebuttals to these essays on harmonization in the gospels, I would appreciate being informed of them via correspondence.


Indeed we need not even make any surmises: I write this paragraph for the student of Scripture who is rattled by skeptical claims. And we must realize mckinseu there will never be a day when this will happen, for there are some questions about the past that will apparently never be answered definitively.

Perhaps McKinsey could have offered samples of actual works written by the insane in order to make a comparison. Thus, my approach will be to show that in many alleged discrepancies that McKinsey brings up there is in bjblical a reasonable solution that may very well be correct, though this possible solution may or may not in fact be the xennis solution.

Halderman-Julius, an atheist, we read “THE scholarship, immense and convincing, of the present volume will enlighten any reader” – how’s that for false advertising!

The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy by C. Dennis Mckinsey | : Books

The name “Bethsaida” means “house of fishing” and could have been applied to any number of unidentified sites along a lake. McKinsey’s fourth chapter biblicsl the copious list of alleged contradictions presented is testimony to this a priori. All have the same breath ; man has no advantage over the animal.

See Glenn Miller’s work on this subject and ours.