Formulas & Strategies, Portable 2nd Edition- Bensky & Barolet. Bensky & Barolet. 1 book. SKU# Availability: Out of stock. MW Code: # Sign up to get. Practical insight and detail on + commonly used formulas in Chinese Dan Bensky Each of the plus principal formulas includes a discussion of its. Download Bensky – Formulas & Strategies Description. CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE Formulas & Strategies CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE Formulas.

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By the time of the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic Huang di nei jingwhich is now thought to have been basically compiled by the first or second century A. Classifying the formulas according to their underlying actions or strategies is such a method.

Bensky – Formulas & Strategies – Free Download PDF

Decoctions Zingji The ingredients are placed in water, or a mixture of wine and water, and then boiled for a specified period of time. In this case, there are signs of irritability, flushed face, and sometimes a sore throat, which on first glance appear to be due to heat. In contrast to the downward-draining method, reducing is a gradual reduction of the accumulation or clumping, and also involves transformation instead of just expulsion.

He observed that in older books where the formulas were arranged by disease, it was often difficult to find a particular formula. However, even Zhang was unable to completely dispense with the previous systems. An example is the use of Peony Decoction shao yao tang or Aucklandia and Betel Nut Pill mu xiang bing lan wan for treating dysenteric diarrhea.

If, for example, the wrong form of medicine is used or the patient does not prepare the formula correctly or simply refuses to take it, even the most skillful practitioner will not obtain good clinical results.

The etiology cause of a disease is the root, and its bensly symptoms is the manifestation. I95 Three-Marvel Pill san miao wan.

We have therefore placed it in the chapter with the other formulas that treat phlegm. Although the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic bensku not focus on herbal medicine, there is some discussion about the types of formulas in chapter 74 of Basic Qmtions. We wish to remind the reader that the subject of this book is herbal formulas, and that it is not intended as a substitute for learning other aspects of traditional Chinese medicine. Tonifies by enriching, nourishing, augmenting, or replenishing those aspects of the body that are weak or deficient.

This often takes the form of alternative explanations or usages of the formulas through the ages. Many of the formulas have a distinct air of sympathetic magic. There is also some inconsistency in the number of substances which the formulas should contain. A glossary of select terms is provided at the back of the book, some of which differ from those used in earlier books published by Fotmulas Press.


In practice, the hierarchy of ingredients is not always so clear-cut. They criticize the latter-day formulas for being complicated and disorganized, and lacking any clear methodology.

Citation – Chinese herbal medicine : formulas & strategies – UW-Madison Libraries

Injections zhifnjji These are made by extracting the active ingredients with modern methods bensjy preparing a sterile solution that can be administered by injection. For example, in one passage it says that there are many substances in a large formula, and few in a small; yet in another passage it says that there are few substances in a large formula, and many in a small.

Wang categorized the formulas according to the type of disorder they were designed to treat. In these cases, although we may refer to the omission in the formulaw, we have never ventured beyond that by adding material.

While they are not identical, the categorization of the treatment strategies serves as the basis for the categorization of the formulas. Nevertheless, we still recommend that practitioners read at least the introduction to the chapter and section in which any given formula appears.

It is helpful to remember the adage, “The formula is derived from the strategy, and the strategy arises from the pattern. They are complex recipes of interrelated substances, each of which affects the actions of the others in the formula. It is not unusual that while the original formulation was a pill or a powder, the more common method of preparation at present is a decoction.

These pills have the advantage of containing a relatively large amount of the active ingredients per volume. This problem is discussed at greater length in the following bensku.

This is a reflection of the tremendous influence which this book has exerted on traditional Chinese medicine. The strength of the patient’s normal qi is the root, and the strength of the pathogenic influence is the manifestation. Special Pills diin j i These are formuoas a distinct type of formulation, but instead are a form of pill.

I89 Artemisia Yinchenhao Decoction binchen hao tang. When little information could be found in our principal sources, we turned to supplementary works to flesh out the indications and discussion. These are made by soaking the ingredients in a solvent usually alcohol to extract the active ingredients, and then heating the result to dispose of a specified percentage of the solvent.


A disorder of the Heart in traditional medicine is not necessarily the same thing as heart disease in modern biomedicine.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies (Portable 2nd Edition)

The deputy ingredients, Radix Rehmanniae Glutinosae sheng di hung and Radix Anemarrhenae Asphodeloidis zhi muassist in nourishing the yin and thereby clearing the heat from deficiency. Andrew Gamble coauthor of Chinese Herbal Medicine: This is the syntax and grammar of Chinese herbal medicine.

I44 Clear the Spleen Fogmulas qing pi tang. Furthermore, while all but one of the formulas in our book originated in China, some of them are not currently used in that country, but are nonetheless popular in Korea or Japan. The explanations and commentaries are thought-provoking and engaging. Although there is no officially-sanctioned standardization, the books usually differ in only a few categories. First and foremost are the many Chinese scholars and practitioners whose words we are privileged to translate for an English-speaking audience.

The earliest of the formularies extant dates to the end of the third century B.

This is also a good practice for anyone who has trouble taking a full cup of the decoction at a time. The companies that manufacture these prepared medicines are located in China, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.

Because one of this herb’s major functions is to alleviate abdominal pain, by doubling its dosage the modified formula can be used in treating the same presentation for which Cinnamon Twig Decoction gui zhi tang is indicated, with the addition of abdominal fullness and pain. Materia Medica will note that the pharmaceutical names for many of the ingredients there are different from those used in this text.

Disperse that which is clumped. In addition, the dosage of Herba Ephedra ma huang and besky Radix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis zhi gan cao is increased, while that of Semen Pruni Armeniacae xing ren is reduced.

Materia Medica gave us the benefit of his uniquely penetrating insight – into traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Before you can speak a language, you must understand the rules of syntax and grammar. The first type occurs when the chief bnesky in the formula and the formula’s primary action do not change, but minor ingredients are added or subtracted to fine tune the formula for a specific condition.