Comments, Questions, and Answers related to “Water Hammer (Time History) Example” in AutoPIPE. Note: 1. There is a complete Fluid. Dec , AutoPIPE V8i Elbow / Bend Pipe Supports Examples. AutoPIPE online help has the following 5 elbow support example. AutoPIPE has 9 different types of pipe supports. Notes, Spring Hanger Related Topics, Guide-Related Topics, Modeling Examples, etc.

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This is just an arbitrary short time to establish the Fluid flow in the example. Dynamic “Time History” Analysis. Account for piping beyond scope of work area b. For a more easier explanation of this value, please see the following WIKI here: The following list contains detailed information about specialized modeling techniques with AutoPIPE:.

04. Beam / Frame Structure and Supports Modeling Examples in AutoPIPE

Conclusion, cut short does provide a reduction in anchor loads when correctly applied. TIH files, the highest Joukowski pressure in the transient ex. Like a spring, support stiffnesses ex. Modeling exwmples to account for piping beyond modeled piping. Once the “Support Type” is specified, the dialog is updated to provide additional fields which are unique to the type of support requested.


With that said, this is just an example that used arbitrary values from the typical range. Subsea Underwater Piping b. See how its advanced capabilities autopie automatically generate detailed fabrication drawings and 3D models in AutoCAD, MicroStation, and SolidWorks with the click of a button, reducing engineering hours and cost. Overall, this value should be based on sound engineering judgement where typical values range from – hz. Non-metallic Plastic Piping i.

Water Hammer (Time History) Example – Modeling Approach in AutoPIPE

The trapezoid in the example help file doesn’t compare with the time history profile in the model Answer: Cut short is better explained by a series of images and load sequencing: The trapezoid in the example help file doesn’t compare with the time history profile in the model. By-Pass, Join 2 pipe runs, etc.

Accelerate delivery of compliant piping designs for any size project with proven, scalable, and integrated advanced pipe stress analysis. Modeling approach to account for piping beyond modeled piping. Cut-Short high operating temperature” with the following exceptions; apply cut short on the horizontal leg to U1 load case, and cut short on the vertical leg to U2 load case see Forum page: Smart Pig going thru the Pipeline 5. Questions about this article, topic, or product?


On Step 2, why in this example have you decided to use 0. Autopiipe Direction refers to what axis a support’s stiffness will act in.

Model Non-metallic Plastic Piping i. The first period is time required for the first mode, see the “Frequency” sub-report.

Different Types of Supports In AutoPIPE? – AutoPIPE Wiki – AutoPIPE – Bentley Communities

Tutorial – Training – Distance Learning – etc See the “Calculation” section of the example above. On step 11, time history As mentioned in the online help: Share History More Cancel. Modeling Support and Beam Structures. Pipe Rack support 5. Central Process Platform — V.

Solutions for multi-discipline plant design, GIS, network planning and design, network modeling and analysis, operational modeling, and asset management.