Astrology of Personality has 83 ratings and 6 reviews. Dane Rudhyar Rudhyar integrates modem concepts of psychology with elements of both Western and. The Astrology of Personality by Dane Rudhyar, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Dane Rudhyar’s Article – Sex Factors in Personality. In this It illustrates the yearly rhythm of the seasons, and the astrological zodiac is a.

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In the case of a female infant, the female hormones likewise build a feminine type of adaptation to the conditions of the future girl’s existence. Dec 28, Andrea rated it really liked it. Astrology of Personality, The: Doug rated it really liked it Dec 27, Calantirniel rated it liked it Jun 13, But within the unconscious part of her psyche, the basic drive is toward individualization.


The Sun male and the Moon female are the “Lights” of life on the earth’s surface. Nice clean unmarked mass market paperback, original design of book.

Annie rated it it was amazing Oct 20, This copy of The Astrology of Personality: Anthony Mangini rated it liked it Jul 10, The love act for her is actually only a symbol; the reality, deep beyond the symbol, is the catalytic process which, in some mysterious manner, will reveal her true self to her.

If some physical or organic shock occurs in childhood or adolescence, the sexual character of the youth may be affected, blocked, or deviated, then the countersexual factors feminine in the boy, masculine in the girl have a chance to manifest more clearly. This sublunar realm is, as it were, the matrix or, if one prefers, the aura of electromagnetic field inside of which our planet — and, therefore, mankind as a whole — exists.

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The best example is the great prophet, poet, and yogi Sri Aurobindowhom his disciples consider an “avatar,” i. Even if she dislikes and rebels against the mother’s behavior, she may eventually see herself repeating some of her mother’s life patterns. Even if the individual rebels against the intellectual ways of thinking and the ethical, religious, and social ways of living of his family, group, or nation, this rebellion itself is conditioned by and starts from the primordial sense of “belonging” to a group.


I find Rudhyar difficult oc read. Religious movements and secret brotherhoods such as original Free Masonry become easily perverted or, at least, materialized as the “outer” invades the “inner” and the body draws the soul in its vicious circles of desire.

For the man, this act of love is normally a conscious expression of sex power, one of many events or incidents in his outer life. Matthewsorbo rated it liked it Sep 13, Saturn is concerned specifically with the place that any member of a group or community occupies rightfully and with the social function he can perform efficiently when at his proper place and under his legal, socially guaranteed name. Dee Dunckley rated it really liked it May 26, He doesn’t flow for me. Astrology offers us a very revealing picture of the processes which have just been outlined, for in the Sun and the Moon, we find symbols of the sexual aspect of human nature, respectively, in the male and female bodies; while Jupiter and Saturn give us significant clues to the activity of the countersexual forces, respectively, in the masculine and the feminine psyches.

The mother normally envelops the child with attention, care, and love. Maya Jones Books Published: In the human organism, many functions are at work. Psychologist Carl Jung has spoken of the collective unconscious, not only as the repository of the harvest of experience of perhaps millions of generations, but even more as the sea out of which arise the many small islands that we know as individual persons.

Not overstocks or remainder copy! If she accepts a state of devotion to the husband so glorified in Hindu culture or upon Jesus as Divine Beloved if she has a religious path instead of a love which will reveal to personaliity true essential selfor upon some Oriental Teacher, Swami, or yogi who supposedly can provide a magic technique of self-revelationit is because her unconscious nature is forever seeking to reach a condition of individualistic integration.

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The Astrology of Personality: Lists with This Book.

It may mean emotional involvement with the father; his presence and influence may polarize so strongly the girl’s nature that it arouses ambivalent feelings of quasi-incestuous attraction and of guilt. The male body retains something of the potential female organs, and the female body displays structures related to the male set of characters.

In a very real sense, one can say that the sex forces build, or power the building of, the child’s body. I especially like his explanations of nodes and the poetic sabian symbols.

The Astrology of Personality : Dane Rudhyar :

Saturn is in astrology the father image because the father is or should be, in natural conditions of life the symbol of authority and mind power; and — as the little girl feels in her psychic depths — he has been her mother’s “initiator.

Scott Brogan rated it it was amazing Apr 27, A reformulation of astrological concepts and ideals, in terms of contemporary psychology and philosophy. For a boy, his mother is outwardly represented in the birth-chart as the Moon. I have shown in my books, particularly in The Astrology of Personalitythat these two principles, individual and collective, are the two most basic polarities in all forms of existence. The mutual relationships aspects, Parts, etc.