Se ha descrito un Glioma Metacrónico, multicéntrico de astrocitoma de un tumor cerebeloso con características de astrocitoma pilocítico. Mozečkový astrocytom. C CZE (Czech) MDRCZE (MedDRA Czech). cerebellair astrocytoom. C DUT (Dutch) MDRDUT (MedDRA Dutch). El astrocitoma es el tipo de glioma que se diagnostica con mayor frecuencia en . En los astrocitomas pilocíticos no cerebelosos, también se han identificado.

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Management of intramedullary cystic pilocytic astrocytoma with rhenium intracavitary irradiation: Clinicopathological considerations and case report. Cerebellar pilocytic astrocytoma with auditory presentation: Pilocytic astrocytoma with spontaneous intracranial astroitoma in an elderly adult.

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Role of diffusion tensor imaging in resection of thalamic juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma. Management of pilocytic astrocytoma with diffuse leptomeningeal spread: Anterior approach to cervical intramedullary pilocytic astrocytoma.

Lisch nodules, ectropion uveae, and optic pathway glioma juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma due to neurofibromatosis type 1.

C – Astrocitoma cerebeloso

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Pilocytic astrocytoma with histological malignant features without previous radiation therapy—case report. Gene expression profiling of NFassociated and sporadic pilocytic astrocytoma identifies aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family member L1 ALDH1L1 as an underexpressed candidate biomarker in aggressive subtypes.

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Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 VEGFR-2 signalling activity in paediatric pilocytic astrocytoma is restricted to tumour endothelial cells.

Tumour vasculature and angiogenic profile of paediatric pilocytic astrocytoma; is it much different from glioblastoma? Dural arteriovenous fistula after craniotomy for pilocytic astrocytoma in a patient with cersbeloso S deficiency. Genome-wide polymorphism analysis demonstrates a monoclonal origin of pilocytic astrocytoma.

Mozečkový astrocytom

Real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction qPCR analysis with fluorescence resonance energy transfer FRET probes reveals differential expression of the four ERBB4 juxtamembrane region variants between medulloblastoma and pilocytic astrocytoma. Involution of diencephalic pilocytic astrocytoma after partial resection.

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