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The style of good communication, the skill of standing up for oneself and of developing quality interpersonal relationships.

Dom zdravlja, Novi Sad e-mail: Man is a social being, and interpersonal relationships are important for his optimal growth and development. Quality of relationships depends on the communication skills of a person.

One good and positive communication is assertive communication. Assertiveness in English means the readiness of an individual to confirm, aseetivna, or defend his or her rights, to act confidentially and to take a stand.


Asertivna komunikacija

Assertiveness is most often clarified in the context of two qualitatively different forms of interpersonal behavior – passive and asertivnna. The advantages of assertive communication are: The basic right for assertiveness is that a person has the right to express himself and take it for himself.

Other rights have been derived from this right.

There are asertivnx types of assertiveness: Assertive communication can be learned at assertive trainings that involve the application of different techniques, as well as by acquiring and developing komunikacika skills through practice.

It is important to know: It is also a form of behavior in social interactions in which we express our thoughts, desires and feelings. It helps us to function better in all spheres of life, to reduce stress, to express our disagreement without ‘falling into’ nonconstructive conflicts, to deal with unfavorable situations and to deal with ‘hard’ people to avoid manipulation.

Assertiveness is the question of individual choice. Article add to mySelection [0] full text related records [3] how to cite this article Permalink Article metrics citations in SCindeks: The style of good communication, the skill of standing up for oneself and of developing quality interpersonal relationships Markov Zlatka M.


Asertivna komunikacija: diplomsko delo – Mateja Maletić, Vesna Huzjak – Google Books

Keywords assertiveness ; assertive rights; assertive techniques. Obzor Zdr N43 1: Center for Career Development Radionica Asertivna komunikacija. Curr Psychiatry Rep5 4: PSK Izvod iz prirucnika za asertivni trening. Univerzitet u Novom Sadu, Medicinski fakultet, magistarski asertivnna.