Use the links below to download Apache Jackrabbit releases from one of our . Also see the Jackrabbit FileVault documentation for more. Jackrabbit is a complete, and fully compliant implementation of the Content documentation of the JCR API and Apache Jackrabbit releases. The exact format of this XML configuration file is defined in the following document type definition (DTD) files published by the Apache Jackrabbit project.

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Apache Jackrabbit FileVault 3. The structure of the versioning configuration is: The following variables are available in all Jackrabbit versions: Please ask questions on the Jackrabbit mailing lists. Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions or browse the archives of the user and development mailing lists see docujentation the searchable archives at The Mail Archive, Gmane, and Nabble for answers to questions not covered by the documentation pages.

Once you have the Subversion client installed you can checkout the main Jackrabbit source tree with the following command or its equivalent in the client you are using: You can delete a workspace by manually removing the workspace documentatiob when the repository instance is not running.

Workspace configuration A Jackrabbit repository contains one or more workspaces that are each configured in a separate jacmrabbit. Advanced Options On top of Level 1 or Level 2 a number of functional block serve for more advanced repository functionality.

These variables can be used to avoid hardcoding specific options in the configuration files. The structure of the security configuration element is: Release Archive Only current recommended releases are available on the main distribution site and its mirrors.

How do I use transactions with JCR? Note that this is not absolutely required and some persistence managers and other Jackrabbit components may well be configured to access files and even other resources like remote databases outside the repository home directory.


The reason documentationn we abstracted the PM interface was to leave room for future performance optimizations that would not affect the rest of the implementation e. See the Subversion book or kackrabbit documentation of your Subversion client for more information on how to manage your source tree and keep it up to date with latest development.

Level 2 of JSR specifies all the writing capabilities need to bi-directionally interact with a content repository in a fine and coarse grained fashion. Only available in workspace configuration.

Apache Jackrabbit releases are available under the Apache License, Version 2. Can I use a persistence manager to access an existing data source?

Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1. The first step in building Jackrabbit is to check out the Jackrabbit sources from the Subversion source repository at http: What is a Jackrabbit file system? Security configuration The security configuration element is used to specify authentication and authorization settings for the repository.

A JCR implementation may return -1 when the size is unknown. Search configuration See the Search page on the Jackrabbit wiki. Older branches use JDK 1.

Apache Jackrabbit OCM 2. Please note that some mirrors might not be up-to-date shortly jacjrabbit a release; in this case wait hours until the distribution becomes available on your preferred mirror. There are various very different implementations, but most of them are using databases to store the data.

JSR says in section 6. The main difference between versioning and workspace configuration is that no search index is specified for the version store as version histories are indexed and searched using the repository-wide search index.

Apache Jackrabbit – Jackrabbit Roadmap

You can participate by answering questions on the mailing list, filing bug reports for any problems or improvement ideas you come up with, contributing to the Jackrabbit Wiki, or writing documentation and code.

See the mailing list announcement for a simple example on using the JTA support in Jackrabbit. See the Running Maven page and the related documentation on the Maven web site for instructions on how to use Maven. Instead you can use the following:.


File system configuration Early versions on Jackrabbit were designed to abstract their persistence mechanism using a virtual file system layer defined in the FileSystem interface. Then restart Jackrabbit and watch the log file for possible repair messages. For each workspace that was created, there will also be a workspace. First download documnetation KEYS file as well as the.


This directory usually contains all the repository content, search indexes, internal configuration, and other persistent information managed within the content repository. The classes and interfaces within Apache Jackrabbit are only needed when accessing functionality that is not specified in JCR.

If you still want a size information you can append an order by clause to your statement. Extracted text from binary content is only indexed on the parent node of the jcr: Jackrabbit will automatically fill in the repository home directory with all the required files and subdirectories when the repository is first instantiated.

For a more complete explanation of the transaction features, please see section 8. Jackrabbit architecture and Deployment Models Find out more about the Jackrabbit Architecture or learn more about the Jackrabbit deployment Options be it as an embedded content repository to be delivered with you are application, a shared repository for example in a J2EE environment or a classical content repository server setup.

The repository configuration also contains a default workspace configuration template that is used to create the workspace.