Get this from a library! Anemias carenciais e gravidez.. [Clovis Antonio Bacha]. 7 jun. Estudo realizado na Índia mostrou prevalência de anemia de 45% em adolescentes do sexo feminino. Na Indonésia . Anemias carenciais. 11 jun. A anemia por deficiência de ferro configura um problema epidemiológico da maior relevância atuando nos gastos públicos de saúde, nas.

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Rui BarbosaFlamengo. Foram selecionados 17 estudos.

Revisión Iron deficiency anemia in adolescents ; a literature review – Semantic Scholar

Iron-deficiency anemia can be considered the most important nutritional deficiency in Brazil. The scope of this article was to conduct a systematic review of the literature in order to describe the frequency of anemia in indigenous women and children in Brazil, and gather information on associated factors. A search of the PubMed, Carenciaiis and Lilacs databases was conducted.

Seventeen studies were selected. The rates of prevalence of anemia ranged from The majority of authors attribute the prevalence of anemia to inadequate sanitary conditions, diets deficient in iron and essential micronutrients and a lack of access to basic health services.


The findings highlight the importance of anemia among the indigenous peoples studied, which has been reflected by a substantial increase in research over the last twenty years.

National Library of Medicine http: Foram utilizados os seguintes descritores: Artigos identificados em mais de uma base de dados foram computados em apenas uma.

Revisión Iron deficiency anemia in adolescents ; a literature review

Os artigos de Horta et al. Apenas o estudo de Carvalho-Costa et al. Aldeias no Rio de Janeiro: Sapucai, Parati Mirim e Araponga. O estudo realizado por Mondini et al. Os estudos de Morais et al.

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Anemia por deficiencia de hierro en adolescentes: una revision de la literatura

Technical Report Series Preventing and controlling anaemia through primary health care: This is an Carenciasi Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original anemuas is properly cited.

Services on Demand Journal. Anemia in indigenous women and children in Brazil: Abstract Iron-deficiency anemia can be considered the most important nutritional deficiency in Brazil.

Iron-deficiency anemia; Iron deficiency; Health of indigenous peoples. How to cite this article.