Complete summary of André Breton’s Manifesto of Surrealism. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Manifesto of Surrealism. Andre Breton discusses the meaning, aims, and political position of the Surrealist movement. Manifestoes of Surrealism has ratings and 58 reviews. Manifestoes of Surrealism is a book by André Breton, describing the aims, meaning, and political .

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Dec 27, Kelly rated it liked it. It is somewhat of sureealism problem to form an opinion about the next sentence; it doubtless partakes both of our conscious activity and of the other, if one agrees that the fact of having written the first entails a minimum of perception.

It should above all be viewed as a welcome reaction against certain ridiculous tendencies of spiritualism. He would not have been surprised, I suspect, by an affirmative. The world manifestk seems to be like a cryptogram which remains indecipherable only so long as one is not thoroughly familiar with the gymnastics that permit one to pass at will from one piece of apparatus to another. The agonizing question of possibility is no longer pertinent.

To group them according to their particular affinities would lead me far afield; what I basically want to mention is their common virtue.

From the moment that one has come upon its mode of generation and become conscious of its inexhaustible resources, this extraordinary network of sparks leads the mind to have a less opaque image of the world and surreaalism itself.

So many questions resolved once and for all, as chance directs; the only discretionary power left me is to close the book, which Manifeeto am careful to do somewhere in the vicinity of the first page.

But the mind which relishes them draws therefrom the conviction that it is on the right track; on its own, the mind is incapable of finding itself guilty of cavil; it has nothing to fear, since, moreover, it attempts to embrace everything.

The surrealist voice that shook Cumae, Dodona and Delphi was nothing more than the voice which dictates to me my less irate speeches. In that, he was indeed absolutely right. You will take me farther than I have been able to go, and your arms will be roaring grottoes full of pretty animals and ermines. Finally, it is not incompatible with a certain nobility of thought.


These young men, how could one refuse them a thing, their wishes are, as to wealth, commands. My time must not be its time, why should this voice help me resolve the childish problem of my destiny?

Jun 03, Darren rated it it was amazing. It is unacceptable, indeed, that this considerable part of psychic activity since, from the birth to death of human beings at least, thought presents no solution to continuity: That method is as good as any other.

Manifestoes of Surrealism

It tends to ruin once and for all all other psychic mechanisms and to substitute itself for them in solving all the principal problems of life. His only defense is claiming that he does not consider himself to be the author of his book, said book being no more and no less than a Surrealist concoction which precludes any question of merit or lack of merit on the part of the person who signs it; further, that all surrealis, has done is copy a document without offering any opinion thereon, and that he is at least as foreign to the accused text as is the presiding judge himself.

The activity of the best minds feels the effects of it; the law of the lowest common denominator finally prevails upon them as it does upon the others. Oct 16, Minjeong Kang rated it really liked it. I am in no hurry to comprehend myself Enough! Breton admits there are very few true surrealists and that many artists will only be able to incorporate surrealist elements into their work, this is certainly true in contemporary terms.

Are they so sure that the surrralism to which I invite them is only a phantom?

This passion for eternity with which they are constantly stirred lends an unforgettable intensity to their torments, and to mine. View all 3 comments. But it is true we would never dare venture so far, it is not merely a question of distance. But sometimes Breton speaks good sense, as when he defends the free practice of art as against ideology to a conference of the communist party.


Language has been given to man so that he may make Surrealist use of it. It took me six months to write and take my word for it I did not leave off for a single day. The imagination is perhaps on the point of reasserting itself, of reclaiming its rights.

I wanted to go back to sleep but could not. It is the juxtaposition of two terms, in some fortuitous manner, that has emitted a certain light, the light of the image, to which we show ourselves to be infinitely sensitive. On the surealism hand, I must give credit maniffesto credit is due and say that he constantly and vigorously opposed any effort to retouch or correct, however slightly, any passage of this kind which seemed to me unfortunate. And a feather is all it takes to make me die laughing.

The outbuildings are too numerous to mention, and, as for the interior, surfealism has been frightfully restored, in such manner as to leave nothing to be sndre from the viewpoint of comfort.

Because of the latter, it even, in some sense, ceases to exist. The Surrealist sees and interprets the world from the eyes of the unconscious. I am only apart from what resembles you, on the high seas, where the bird called Heartbreak gives its cry that raises the pommels of ice of which the stars of day are the broken guard.


Manifestoes of Surrealism – André Breton – Google Books

What if this castle really existed! And note how this madness has taken shape, and endured. In those appurtenances that make us smile, there is forever revealed an incurable human restlessness, and that is why I take them into consideration, why I judge them inseparable from certain products of genius, which are painfully affected by them more than others.

It is living and ceasing to live which are imaginary solutions. This is very difficult. The words, the images are only so many spring-boards for the mind of the listener.