According to Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology, history as we know Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt as we know them didn’t exist at all. History: Fiction or Science?: Astronomical Methods as Applied to Chronology. Ptolemy’s Almagest. Tycho Brahe. Copernicus. the Egyptian Zodiacs. Dr Anatoly T. Anatoly o, Gleb kiy “History: Fiction or Science”. The Chronology Issue. How Europe escaped from Eurasia. 5 volumes of books on the New.

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Retrieved 9 October Retrieved from ” https: Central to Fomenko’s New Chronology is his claim of the existence of a vast Slav-Turk empire, which he called the “Russian Horde”, which he says played the dominant role in Eurasian history before the 17th century. Intogether with a few colleagues from the mathematics department of Moscow State Universityhe published several articles on “new mathematical methods in history” in peer-reviewed journals.

Author of a number of books on the development of new empirico-statistical methods and their application to the analysis of historical chronicles as well as the chronology of antiquity and the Middle Ages. Russia, Turkey, China, Europe, Egypt. Publisher’s Advice Preface by A.

Visual geometry and topology “. He claims that the historical Jesus may have been born in and was crucified around AD on the Joshua’s Hilloverlooking the Bosphorus. Virtually all extant documents from the period before that time, Fomenko writes, are untrustworthy, due to a number of factors: Eurasianism Pseudohistory Conspiracy theories Alternative chronologies Russian-language literature.

Documents that conflict with New Chronology are said to have been edited or fabricated qnatoly conspirators; the Vatican, the Holy Roman Empire and pro-German Romanov dynasty. Views Read Edit View history. Fomenko is the author of the theory of topological invariants of an integrable Hamiltonian system.


Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Newton’s analysis has since been criticized as suffering “from two fundamental defects. ComiXology Fomneko of Digital Comics. While the finer points of the Fomenko theory are as convoluted and confusing as you might expect, the guiding principle is that recorded history before the 11thth centuries is generally unreliable for various reasons.

Retrieved 3 May Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

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Also inthe magazine “Pionyerskaya pravda” Russian: Available to ship in days. The Issue with Czar’s Helmet History: First, he creates a database of rulers, containing relevant information on each of them. These “phantom copies” are often misdated by centuries or even millennia and end up incorporated into conventional chronology. According to Fomenko’s claims, the written history of humankind goes only as far back as ADthere is almost no information about events between AD —, and most known historical events took place in AD — Another possibility is that there was an unspoken general taboo on what concerned a subject quite as dangerous, which resulted in the misdating of the Apocalypse.

And Jesus lived and died in the 12th century A. Dendrochronology is rejected with a claim that, for dating of objects much older than the oldest still living trees, it isn’t an absolute, but a relative dating method, and thus dependent on traditional chronology. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Book 15 Aug 05, The Apocalypse as seen by Astronomy. Fomenko is a supporter of drastically revising historical chronology. A Nationalist Equation for Success? The anatlly of humanities, one of which is history, are anatolly enough for solving chronological issues.


Fomenko also cites a number of cases where carbon dating of a series of objects of known age gave significantly different dates. Book 17 Aug 20, History — and this becomes truer and truer the further back you go — is always a reconstruction to some extent. Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko has devised a system he calls the ‘New Chronology’ The evangelical Jesus is traditionally believed to have lived for 33 years, and he was an adult at the time of his encounter with John the Baptist.


Book 19 Sep 01, Fomenko History of the New Chronology. Modern geometry—methods and applications.

This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Fomenko is also the author of a number of books on the development of new empirico-statistical methods and their application to the analysis of historical chronicles as well as the chronology of antiquity and the Middle Ages. Report a bad ad experience. During the Soviet years, Fomenko was frequently comenko in the state-sponsored studies, an open source analysisthe subject of which was contemporary Western media news, which were analysed and searched for misinterpretations of actual events by mixed teams consisting of various Soviet scholars, using interdisciplinary approach and statistical analysis of textual information in particular.

You might also like. The vocabulary of Babylonian astronomical symbols once applied to clay tablets don’t allow for extraction of unique dates of eclipses.

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Fomenko’s studies ignore the abundance of dated astronomical records in cuneiform texts from Mesopotamia. For the New Chronologists, peoples such as the Ukrainians, Belarusians, Mongolsand others who assert their national independence from Russia, are suffering from a historical delusion. The horoscopes from temples contain data about eclipses visible in Egypt allowing their exact pinpointing on the time axis.