Ajax By Sophocles Written B.C.E. Translated by R. C. Trevelyan. Dramatis Personae ATHENA ODYSSEUS AJAX CHORUS OF SALAMINIANS TECMESSA . Complete summary of Sophocles’ Ajax. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Ajax. Sophocles turns tradition inside out, portraying Aias’ suicide not as a disgrace This edition of Aias translates precisely that transformation of the hero from the.

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Good bye, pastures by the coast lines! The butcher is ready… sharp and ready!

Chorus This eagerness of yours, Ajax! Teucer What bitter, bitter Fate! Aias was second to Achilles in valor in the Trojan war – following sophoclew death of Achilles, a contest was held as to who would receive Achilles’ sophkcles, which was supposedly made by the god Hephaistos, and was supposed to confer near invincibility on the wearer. Lies uttered by a mere slave! The action then centers on whether or not Aias should be buried.

Sophocles (c–c BC) – Ajax: Translated by George Theodoridis

Then he also said that, when men overfeed their soul with pride, the gods will bring them down by sending upon them some heavy misfortune, because, men, though they are mere mortals, at times they stop thinking like mere mortals. Ajax From within the hut Oh, my son! Hated sophoclles sight of him!

He used to always say that crying was a sign of weakness in a man. Bagg and Scully consider that the play, with its two parts, may be seen as an important epoch-spanning work that raises complex questions, including: Chorus You were determined, my unfortunate friend! Teucer In shock Ah!


Chorus Men may learn many things from what they see. Chorus And I can hear the sound of her hands as sophodles crash against her chest! A scout saw him, rushing about in the valley, alone, with his sword dripping blood, as you said and then that scout came to me and told me about it. Ajax argues for the necessity to live and die like a hero, following solhocles credo of “Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori”, and his wife Tecmessa counterbalances the heroic ideal with the duties of a father and husband, the long-term effects of his commitment to a family and his responsibilities on earth.

I will go and look for him for as long as my strength lasts.


The chorus is divided in two and runs off stage in opposite directions. I think “Ajax” would have benefited far more if Sophocles bumped back the timeline, so we learn more about Ajax and, in turn, care about him more, and are left to mourn for his death as he is buried at the end.

Would I shame that man there, that man who is my brother, by abandoning him in this dismal hour?

The play, according to Moore, personifies in Ajax an affirmation of what is heroic in life. Spines and flesh scattered all around him.


Is there no other man in the whole Greek army except him? Let me make sophkcles boast to you, Scamander: Messenger Yes, Teucer iaas me not to let Ajax out of the house until he, himself, gets here. Even if you are with your full armour! Although a lot of people would not consider this to be very important, I think it makes this play different simply because a lot of Greek dramas don’t show suicides; rather, they have a spectator of the suicide come on-stage and tell the other characters about the suicide.

Sophocles’ Ajax

Blood and gore is scattered everywhere. Let, then, the Father, the Lord of Olympus, and the Furies who oversee every act of the mortals, and the goddess, Justice, destroy those two utterly and cruelly.

Tecmessa Opens the door slowly. Let me see the full dread! One path leads to another and that leads to yet another but not one leads us to where Ajax is! Odysseus And did he get near us? The earth would sophoclws too lowly for you to tread upon, your words would be so high and mighty! The first part of the play centers around Ajax’s guilt over attempting to murder his close friends Agamemnon, Menelaus, and Odysseus for not giving him Achilles’s armor.