Acalypha L. Species. Acalypha alopecuroides Jacq. = Acalypha alopecuroidea var. glandulifera Klotzsch. = Acalypha alopecuroides f. polycephala . Acalypha alopecuroides is a species of plants with 0 observations. You are here: Home / Plant Details. Acalypha alopecuroides Jacq. Family: Euphorbiaceae. Synonyms: PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES. Growth Habit(s): herb.

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Acalypha alopecuroides

Of the 34 species recognized by Webster for this territory, nine are considered as synonyms and nine are based on misidentifications Table acalylha. Native to Malaysia or Melanesia, this species is grown in gardens throughout the tropics, and sometimes appears naturalized.

A critical review of the Ecuadorian species of Acalypha L. AcalyphaEcuador, Euphorbiaceae, lectotypification, species identification.

Asplund holotype S! Acalypha stachyura 9b Female bracts with glandular hairs 10 10a Female bracts subtriangular at maturity, with the central acaoypha prominent, lanceolate, acuminate The synonym Acalypha villosa var.

Neotropical Plant Portal – Acalypha alopecuroides

Acalypha aronioides has not been found in Ecuador Acalypha arvensis Poepp. Female inflorescences extremely densely flowered, with the axis hidden; bracts non-accrescent. Eggerswhich was distributed to several herbaria; due to the destruction of Berlin specimen, we designate as lectotype the specimen from the S herbarium.


Poeppig B[destroyed, photo ], F! Eggersdistributed to many herbaria. Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Ecuador. Zuloaga O, Morrone O. The specimen deposited in the B herbarium alopecugoides destroyed. Acalypha wilkesiana 17b Leaf blade not variegate; female inflorescences more than 15 cm long 9. Acalypha Taxonomic Information System. Coastal, Andean and Amazonian, 0— m. The voucher cited C.

We found only two Ecuadorian collection of this species, which is widely distributed in Central America, Venezuela and Colombia. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Female inflorescences terminal, subtending bracts and styles with stellate hairs.

Leaf blade pinnately nerved, brightly colored minute resinous droplets absent.

African Journal of Biotechnology

They thrive in a wide variety of habitats, from tropical rainforests to subdesertic areas, and from sea level up to meters of altitude. Pax FA, Hoffmann K.

Received Apr 4; Accepted Aug Petioles more than 1 cm long Acalypha argomuelleri has not been found in Ecuador. Hokche O et al.


Acalypha alopecuroides (Euphorbiaceae) image at

Seeman 22 holotype, G-DC! Acalypha hispida 16b Female inflorescences more or less densely flowered, with the axis visible; bracts conspicuously accrescent 17 17a Leaf blade generally variegated; female inflorescences up to 10 cm long Roadsides and disturbed vegetation. Acalypha stellata Cardiel, Novon 10 4: Poeppig described Acalypha cuneata alopecuroudes on four Peruvian collections: Petioles more than 1 cm long. The structure of the checklist follows, in general terms, those of Brako and Zarucchi and Webster See comments about this synonym in Cardiel Lectotype designated by R.