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They’re made in China. I think mine is 5uA into the base, which is uA or so emitter current for a gain of Aug 9, 8. Picking transistors for FF Clones.

Mar 3, 1. No, create an dagasheet now. I’ve bought them in bulk off of ebay from a seller in Bulgaria i think twice, ’cause they were cheap lots and it wasn’t much to lose in case it wasn’t what i needed. Accelerometer Demo running on 8-bit S08 AC in data averaging mode.

ac128 germanium pnp transistor

Hfe measured in the 17 to 40 range. I’ve bought two lots of Russian Ge transistors and both have been on the extreme low end of specs.

Mar 21, 38 2. The are really only two options to source them. No file text available.


Here is a link might be helpful to create your own model in Multisim https: Strides Towards Quantum Computing: Try some 2N transistors from Radio Shack. There are links in the sidebar, but i’ve read all them dataxheet they don’t tell you how to find Ge transistors in bulk.


Message 9 of For a typical Ge transistor, the ON voltage ranges from 0. I was looking for an equivilent to AC transistors. I’m struggling with Fuzz simulation, the zc128 is AC transistor.

There isn’t really a practical way to purchase GE transistors in bulk if you are a DIY enthusiast or small business. Looking at the data sheet it says hfe is minimum Message 7 of Ifstate of the electronics art permits many of the transistor parameters to be designed for various types. You can buy some unsorted devices from Smallbear; you’ll pay a premium, but they are guaranteed to some extent and are not going to be picked over.

AC Datasheet PDF –

Aug 9, 9. All Newmarket Transistor circuits use chip transistors, diodestransistor packages.

They are manufactured with a 0. You can also go to ebay and search for “transistor tester” and there are a bunch of devices where you can just plug the transistor in and it’ll tell you gain and leakage and which leads are base, collector, or emitter. Included in this section are typesE. Although I do not play guitar, there is a forum called “diyAudio”, maybe they have some Germanium Transistor Spice Models for this particular type of fuzz simulation. R e ctifiers section.


AC transistor datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Just wondering how you all go about buying germanium transistors in bulk. Some transistors that have the right gain and low leakage can still be very hissy. Aug 9, 7. I don’t know if that’s commonly understood, but I wasn’t aware. Do connect the replacement transistor or diode the right way round firs t time. High gain low leakage low noise germanium transistors are practically unicorns now.

Aug 9, 4. Message 8 of Incorrect use of model parameters Simulation canceled. If you post the circuit, people here will be able to tell if it makes any difference.