A rising star of pop science investigates whether virgin birth might be possible in the In Like a Virgin, biologist and science writer Aarathi Prasad examines. What if you could have children without sex? It might sound like the plot of a dystopian novel, but biologist Aarathi Prasad thinks it’ll soon be. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Think of her as the female equivalent of Brian Cox making science Like a Virgin: How Science Is Redesigning the Rules of Sex – Kindle edition by Aarathi Prasad. Download it once and read it on your Kindle.

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Soon, humans will have that option, too. The signals that make a person happy are because of certain chemicals they’re virgkn in their brain, dictated by their genes, dictated maybe by one of their parents being like that.

There are, for example, the more frequent DNA mutations in sperm because of the more frequent divisions. I enjoying reading the book except the last chapter or so where my attention flagged. When it came time for university, she chose to study biology, a discipline that has captured her imagination since she learned as a child that humans develop from the union of just two cells.

Entertaining and provocative, this promises to change the way you think about sex. The risks to the mother are real. Aarathi Prasad likes talking about sex—from a likw scientific viewpoint.

Packed full of research, stories, anecdotes, and crisp humor, you will enjoy this book. See all free Kindle reading apps. The US was a bit ahead of the UK which banned more modern texts until Feeding her interest in and talent for communicating ideas, Prasad recently left the world of research to join the Science, Medicine, and Society Network at University College London, an organization that brings together academics from all fields to discuss socially relevant issues—including the future of reproduction.

Then she jumped in the trenches of developmental biology by working as a cancer researcher and later becoming a policy adviser to the British parliament on legislation about fertility and stem cell research.

  IFR 2945B PDF

Overall a good read and recommended, but there seemed to be a fair bit of repetition and some strategic editing correction would have further improved the work. This whole concept of the perfection virginn maternal bonding — it’s not like that.

And Prasad explains how the latest developments in fields like cloning, stem cell research and embryonic technologies are opening the door for humans to do the same. I guess the marketing department had a hand in it. No trivia or quizzes yet. Prasad recognises that many people find these ideas and technologies enormously problematic, but takes a scientist’s view. praswd

I don’t know why my first 4 star review was negative at all. In Like a Virgin, biologist Aarathi Prasad looks at inconceivable ideas about conception, from the ‘Jesus Christ’ lizard’s ability to self-reproduce it walks on water, too to the tabloid hunt for a real life virgin mother by geneticists in the s. Of course, he reports on all virign possibilities in between, currently being practiced for infertile couples, or people wishing to parent without a partner.

Are we about to start reproducing in entirely new ways?

Prasad says she doesn’t think these technologies will be used by everyone. Published September 1st by Oneworld Publications first published January 1st JT rated it liked it Oct 15, As I read it, the reason is not well understood. O ver tea at her north London home, Aarathi Prasad is talking calmly, coolly, about reproduction. Katherine rated it really liked it Aug 14, She points out that there was criticism when spectacles were first invented, with some saying the advance went against nature.

This means that someday a woman of any age could use her own stem cells to produce artificial eggs or sperm to fertilize herself. Be the first to review this item Amazon Bestsellers Rank: And then there’s this beautiful, perfectly formed child [on the screen] and you’re in tears.

Continuing in this vein, Prasad says a “hardcore, serious mother” whose child was gestating in an artificial womb could be injected “with stuff to make her produce milk by the time the baby is born, so she is expressing certain hormones that we know are related to maternal bonding. However, this is a really interesting and relevant book which is definitely worth reading although the science lost me on a few occasions.


Like a Virgin

The title is rather a provocative one. Write a product review. I know of some where women and men live separately but none were women have disappeared. When it was tested using fertilised eggs left over from IVF cycles, the eggs implanted in it, at six days, just as they would in a real womb. You should possibly leave morals, scruples, ethics etc at the door before reading this otherwise you may as I did get incensed at some of the azrathi that are undertaken in the name of science and without comment from the author.

So Business for His Cartel Is Booming From selling record levels of new drugs to splitting rival gangs, the Sinaloa cartel is growing while its iconic founder goes to court.

Book Review: “Like a Virgin”, by Aarathi Prasad – Bitesize Bio

Return to Book Page. She was brought up in Trinidad, then London, with her parents and brother, and dreamed of having a large family.

There is the mother’s epigenetic contribution to variations. Aarathi Prasad is a biologist and science writer.

After a PhD in genetics she worked in research, science policy, and communication. Preview — Like a Virgin by Aaarathi Prasad.

Artificial wombs—already in use for sharks and projected to be available for humans within a century—could give hope to women who are born without a uterus, have had a hysterectomy or undergone early menopause.